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February 3, 2010

Q Review

I was needing a little push to know who I should write a review for. Since its a new feature of my blog I have to start somewhere, and to be frank, I don't know anything about anyone's shop and/or products. In a way that's not fair to you, or the seller. However, there was one seller who caught my eye. It's actually a seller that I met years ago in college.

Cantaloupe Corner creates, and sells "Unique handmade tees and accessories for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers, and MOM'S too!" What's so different about her products is that all designs are ink, bleach, paint and lead free; that means no running, or peeling of the designs, and no harmful chemicals. Her products really do sell themselves. With darling play-on-words designs, and beautiful patterns, there just might be something that appeals to you. Her shop has been open since April of 2009, and is already over 200 sales.

I've peeked through her 200 sales and several products are repeated. "Choo Choo, I'm 2" is a darling shirt for the birthday toddler. For a sweet deal, you can order 3 baby bodysuits from 7 adorable designs. "Lock up Your Daughters" is irresistible for those oh-so-handsome little boys out there.

For the women, her "Vintage Rose Damask" Tees get a lot of attention. I think her "Red Cherry Blossom" design is very beautiful. Another one that has caught my attention she doesn't have an active listing yet, but you can find it with the sold items: "Strawberry Frosting Swirl" is simple, yet beautiful.

I again apologize that my review isn't as in-depth as I had hoped, and I'm sure you expected. I hope you will take a look at Cantaloupe Corner for yourself. Jenifer has her own Cantaloupe Corner blog if you want to get to know her better. I first met Jen back in our early college days in a small eastern Arizona town. I can tell you she is one of those easy-to-get-along-with types. Having said that I must confess that I'm not always that easy, though I mean no harm, and I don't bite.

Feel free to leave your feelings and comments about your findings here. If you're a seller and would like your shop featured write to me at with details about your shop, and yourself.

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Strand Family said...

Really cute stuff. That cupcake onesie would be a perfect gift for a little baby girl my cousin is expecting any day now!