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March 31, 2010

Q Find It - (sweet deals) Toy Story movies and $15 at ToysRUs

I saw two offers that I thought I should share.  For ToysRUs and BabiesRUs shoppers this could be a good deal.  For Friday and Saturday only you can receive a $15 "R"Us gift card.  Purchase 2 value boxes of Huggies diapers at any BabiesRUs location, and you'll get a $15 gift card.  Unfortunately I no longer live near one or I would be doing this myself.

This next deal is for anyone and everyone who loves Toy Story (1 and 2) and is eager to see Toy Story 3.  I know I am.  This deal is very sweet.  Make sure you register (its free) with DMR, Disney Movie Rewards.  Go to and follow their instructions.  If you go to Fry's it might be worth it to call ahead and find out if they include the "buy both and get $10 off" or it won't be as sweet as you hope.  This is an awesome deal, and works, its been tested.  Once you've signed in enter the codes from Fat Wallet into the box on the right side of your DMR page that says enter code.  You need both codes, and you need to download their coupon printer application.

Good Luck and enjoy!

March 24, 2010

Q Review: Baby Sling Recall

I know Wednesday's are supposed to be about a review of another store, but I saw this as I was checking email this morning and thought I should mention it to all mothers out there.  This recall is for the Infantino brand slings.  I had one of these myself, but it frustrated me too much to use it, so I got rid of it.  Now I wish I threw it in the trash.

1 Million Baby Sling Recall

If you have one of these slings, stop using it immediately.  They say not to use them with an infant younger than 4 months, but I would stop using it altogether. 

March 23, 2010

Q's Day - Tuesday

Sorry that it seems I'm only doing Q's Day entries.  I haven't forgotten, just some how the days are slipping by, and now I realize its Tuesday again. 

I am still working on my PaciFashion Ties.  I will have 6 new colors posted later this week, and am very excited about them.  I hope to have them listed so that they can be purchased and mailed in time for Easter.  There are 3 that are definitely meant for Spring.  Just as I had promised weeks ago (maybe even a month ago by now) one of those ties is pink.  Its OK because its not a pale, or pastel pink.  I hope it will be received well.  One Sunday at church, back when my family still lived in Lehi, I saw the handsomest little boy; spiked brunette hair, bright blue eyes, and he was wearing a pink button-up shirt.  It was so absolutely darling!! 

That's when I decided there was nothing wrong with little boys having some element of pink in their wardrobe.  After all, my husband has a pink striped tie himself, and my dad, who is a doctor, has a pink button-up shirt.  I've always been impressed with him when he wore it. 

I am also working on a new way to present the Princess Jammies!  They now are available in 7 colors: Pink, Lavender, Sage Green, Yellow, Purple, Red, Black (all have white lace trim, except Red has a red lace, and the Black has black lace).  They are also in every size: 6-12 mo., 12-18 mo., 2T, 4T, 6, 8, 10, 12, and adult ladies sizes S, M, L.  My mother-in-law is the talent behind each one, making them all by hand.  She is able to teach me how to make them now that we live in the same area.

I promise to have pictures up on here as soon as I have them up for sale.  I will also post some to me fan page on FaceBook.  Happy Spring everyone!!

March 16, 2010

Q's Day - Tuesday

I can now make my apologies for my store not always being open, or up to date, and this blog not having entries.

For the past 4 weeks my family has been in the middle of a move. Usually there is time to prepare for making a move, especially when its across different states. However, we made the official decision to move 2 weeks before the move. The meant we had to take off a week to go house hunting, and then allowed ourselves a week to pack up and move away.

We are now located in the south eastern corner of Arizona, in a place referred to as the "Gila Valley". It is where my husband and I first met, and his home town. It took us some time to get internet set up in our home since the conventional way is not available to us. The move is complete, with internet, and pretty much every box has been emptied (or put in storage) getting us settled in. It makes me think of "The Incredibles" when she calls up her husband at work, and announces that they are officially moved in; even though they have been living in that home for the past 3 years.

I have recently done an inventory of what I have in stock; pacifashions made, or the materials to make them. I'm pleased to say that I have 29 different individual styles of PaciFashions, and 12 different types of the Ties. I have yet to make a tie in each style, but will soon be on my machine so that I can show you.

Sorry that my shop had been closed for a few weeks, and that there hasn't been any updates. I hope to keep my shop up to date on a consistent basis, and for this blog to be continued the way I had planned for all along.