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January 28, 2010

Q's tip, the first in the series

So I'm thinking of starting a "Q's tip" series. I'm not sure how often, or what day of the week I'm going to give this tip, but I do hope to make it something consistent. I'm always more than happy to receive feedback, and input. You can always submit your own tips and allow this blog to share it with other readers.

Q's tip:
The empty baby wipes container can have a use when its no longer in use. Once its dried you can use it for any purpose you wish. Currently I have a few in use for different things.

My son, who is two, has several different small toys that end up in places I don't want them to be, or get lost and forgotten in his toy box. I've removed the lids of a few of these containers and have these smaller toys separated. He now knows where all of his toy cars go, his play tool pieces in a different one, and puzzle pieces in another.

For my daughter, who is 8 months, I keep her pacifashions, and bows in one. In a different one I have her socks, and leggings. I got so sick and tired of searching and digging through the drawers to find these smaller articles, and this made a great solution. However, I cannot take full credit, as I got this tip from an article in American Baby magazine.

Feel free to let me know how you've put this tip to work, or share another tip! Hope you enjoyed Q's tip this week!

January 24, 2010

Sarah Lambson's Binky Story

Once upon a time, there was a woman who had a beautiful baby boy who would not stop crying unless she was holding him. Though this did make her arms big and strong, it did nothing to improve the shape and size of her hips because they just seemed to expand to help support the weight of the growing baby. Because this (wonderfully patient and kind) woman had chores to do, the baby went everywhere she went - including out to the chicken coop to help feed the chickens. The woman had a huge scoop of chicken feed in one had and the baby in the other and was walking toward the feeder when she stepped in a HA-HUGE pile of chicken crap, slipped out of her nasty outdoor clog-type shoe, and nearly dropped the baby while chicken scratch flew everywhere. Thinking that all was well, she turned to look at the sweet baby boy who, in turn, gazed back at her, then to the ground where the very last perfect sized binky was laying (in the smear of chicken crap) and watched as his face fell into sad pout and he promptly started to howl.

Yes. ALL of this could have been avoided if only she had a PaciFashion binky clip. If only.....

Emily Carter's Pacifier Story

I thought I'd share a funny story at the expense of myself about my own child loosing his pacifier P.P.F.D (Pre PaciFashion Days): I was attending a church function that involved racing cars. My son, Daniel was about 4 months old at the time. Sometime that evening I lost track of his pacifier and looked everywhere for I even thought his cousin's might have taken it.

So, after about a good half hour of looking, I felt a bit of discomfort from my bra. Turns out the pacifier had been hiding in my cleavage the entire time! My good friend could not stop laughing at me. I was completely embarrassed. I sure wish now that my baby would have had a PaciFashion strap to prevent that whole incident.

Better luck for me on the next round of kiddos.

January 21, 2010

January-February 2010 Raffle

Ok, its official. I'm running the raffle. I didn't have any entries last time, but I have been trying to get my name out there, and make my shop known. If you have a funny story to tell about an accident with a pacifier, or just any sort of mayhem involving a little one and a pacifier enter it.

To make your entry qualify for the raffle make sure its entered on my PaciFashion fan page on FaceBook. Go to my Discussions page, and leave your entry under the topic of the raffle for this period. All entries must be submitted by February 5th, and the winner will be announced on February 7th. Good luck, and if you don't have a story to share, stop by my fan page anyway, and read up on everyone elses stories!