PaciFashions How-To video

December 10, 2009

No adapter needed

Ok, so there's been some speculation as to how well these work; with other types of pacifiers. When I say all, I mean all. My sister has graciously given me a picture with her beautiful daughter showing off her PaciFashion with a Soothie pacifier. I was also contacted by another seller who's products are pacifier adapters to use pacifier/binkie straps with. I'm greatful for the attention, but those adapters are not necisary. Why should I purchase adapters to couple with orders, and consequently charge more on something that my PaciFashions don't need to be able to serve their purpose?

So here is a picture showing 3 different pacifiers. I hope you're able to understand how these work. If not, I'll post some pictures of step by step process of how to connect a pacifier to it. You don't need a loop handle on the pacifier/binkie to use my PaciFashions. See for yourself!

MAM, NUK, Soothie

My beautiful niece showing it with the Soothie pacifier
Step 1:
Take any hole (any size as long as the tip of the cord can fit through) and pull the cord through.
Step 2:
Take the opposite end of the strap and loop it through the cord
Step 3:
Pull strap tight though.
Your PaciFashion strap is attached to your childs favorite pacifier/binkie. Now all you have to do is snap on the clip, and clip it to your baby's clothing, or whereever you prefer!