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March 23, 2010

Q's Day - Tuesday

Sorry that it seems I'm only doing Q's Day entries.  I haven't forgotten, just some how the days are slipping by, and now I realize its Tuesday again. 

I am still working on my PaciFashion Ties.  I will have 6 new colors posted later this week, and am very excited about them.  I hope to have them listed so that they can be purchased and mailed in time for Easter.  There are 3 that are definitely meant for Spring.  Just as I had promised weeks ago (maybe even a month ago by now) one of those ties is pink.  Its OK because its not a pale, or pastel pink.  I hope it will be received well.  One Sunday at church, back when my family still lived in Lehi, I saw the handsomest little boy; spiked brunette hair, bright blue eyes, and he was wearing a pink button-up shirt.  It was so absolutely darling!! 

That's when I decided there was nothing wrong with little boys having some element of pink in their wardrobe.  After all, my husband has a pink striped tie himself, and my dad, who is a doctor, has a pink button-up shirt.  I've always been impressed with him when he wore it. 

I am also working on a new way to present the Princess Jammies!  They now are available in 7 colors: Pink, Lavender, Sage Green, Yellow, Purple, Red, Black (all have white lace trim, except Red has a red lace, and the Black has black lace).  They are also in every size: 6-12 mo., 12-18 mo., 2T, 4T, 6, 8, 10, 12, and adult ladies sizes S, M, L.  My mother-in-law is the talent behind each one, making them all by hand.  She is able to teach me how to make them now that we live in the same area.

I promise to have pictures up on here as soon as I have them up for sale.  I will also post some to me fan page on FaceBook.  Happy Spring everyone!!

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