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March 16, 2010

Q's Day - Tuesday

I can now make my apologies for my store not always being open, or up to date, and this blog not having entries.

For the past 4 weeks my family has been in the middle of a move. Usually there is time to prepare for making a move, especially when its across different states. However, we made the official decision to move 2 weeks before the move. The meant we had to take off a week to go house hunting, and then allowed ourselves a week to pack up and move away.

We are now located in the south eastern corner of Arizona, in a place referred to as the "Gila Valley". It is where my husband and I first met, and his home town. It took us some time to get internet set up in our home since the conventional way is not available to us. The move is complete, with internet, and pretty much every box has been emptied (or put in storage) getting us settled in. It makes me think of "The Incredibles" when she calls up her husband at work, and announces that they are officially moved in; even though they have been living in that home for the past 3 years.

I have recently done an inventory of what I have in stock; pacifashions made, or the materials to make them. I'm pleased to say that I have 29 different individual styles of PaciFashions, and 12 different types of the Ties. I have yet to make a tie in each style, but will soon be on my machine so that I can show you.

Sorry that my shop had been closed for a few weeks, and that there hasn't been any updates. I hope to keep my shop up to date on a consistent basis, and for this blog to be continued the way I had planned for all along.

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