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February 4, 2010

Elizabeth Daugherty's pacifier story

I don't have any paci stories yet because my little man wont be here til May, however I do have a good paci story about my sister.

When my sister was about 1 my mom and dad took us for ice cream at the underground mall in Honolulu Hawaii. My dad's favorite Ice Cream was their Hot Fudge Sundae and he would always order an extra side of Hot Fudge for our ice creams. We had been eating for a while when my dad went to use some of the extra fudge, but the cup was missing. My dad thought maybe they hadn't brought it yet, so he asked for another one. They brought it out and we continued eating, my mom and dad talking and joking with me (I'd have been about 3 at the time) when my dad went to use the extra fudge again. Yet again it was missing, but this time my dad knew they had brought the extra fudge so he's looking all over the table for the little silver cup of hot fudge, but it's no where to be found. Suddenly my dad looks at my 1 year old sister and says "Meggan, did you eat daddies chocolate?" and she shook her head no. He looked at her again and said "Meggan daddies asking nicely, did you take his chocolate?" and again she shook her head. It was then that he noticed something peaking out from the side of her pacifier. So he reaches over and pulls the pacifier from her mouth and her mouth is covered in chocolate, but so is her pacifier, all of the inside of it is covered in hot fudge. Then he notices that it's also all over her hands and shirt and as he looks down he sees not one but TWO little silver cups of Hot Fudge between her little legs. One is completely empty and the other is almost empty. It seems that she'd taken the cups of hot fudge when my dad wasn't looking and then when no one was paying attention she'd take her pacifier out of her mouth and dip it in the hot fudge and put it back in her mouth. The reason she'd only shake her head when my dad would talk to her was because she'd just put a big scoop of fudge in her mouth so she couldn't answer. Over all she ate 1/4 cup of hot fudge, and my mom said she was a bundle of energy the rest of the day! I can only imagine!

My mom says it's one of the funniest things she'd ever seen, and that it was impossible to be angry with her after seeing her covered in hot fudge. Plus it was pretty clever for a 1 year old, when you really think about it. If she'd have had a PaciFashion clip she couldn't have hid the hot fudge in the first place because it wouldn't have reached that far, however then we wouldn't have a funny paci story either.

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