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February 5, 2010

Q's tip

My tip for this Friday is for getting hair bows to stay on our pretty, little baby girls head.  There are two kinds of bows: those with clips (snaps, barrettes) and those with nothing.  Obviously those with nothing can't be too big or this tip won't work.
Not everyone has those new, elastic, woven headband things.  Also, not every baby (including my own) will wear one willingly.  There is a simple, and very inexpensive way to have a type of head band.  Using old pantyhose, thigh-highs, knee-highs, or leggings, simply cut off a section of one leg.  It doesn't have to be a wide piece, nor should you cut it too thin either (I don't recommend any width smaller than 1 1/2").  It'll roll in on itself, so you don't have to worry how the edge of your cut turned out because it doesn't matter.  Of course you'll want to "eye-ball" it first to see if it'll fit snugly, not tightly, around your little one's head.  It can't be too loose either.

(I used some knee-highs I got for under 50cents and Lisette is showing off one of my PaciFashion ties)

Presto!  A simple, affordable solution for a head band to hold those adorable bows, and flowers that you can't seem to get to stay on any other way.  The nylon is meant to fit just right, and not cut off circulation so your baby is comfortable with it there; assuming that she doesn't pull it right off.  This tip can work for your older children, teens, and yourself, if you so desire.

This is a simple and a little sticky solution.  Most kitchens will have Karo, or Corn Syrup.  If you don't happen to have it stocked in yours but like this tip, then get the smallest bottle you can find.  With just a dab of Karo, put it on the back of your bow and hold the bow in the place you'd like it to stay for a little while.  It washes right off easily with just a little water.  If the bow falls off your babies head while you're away from home, and you don't have your Karo with you (who would, that would be weird if that was one item you carried in your already heavy diaper bag) just warm up the Karo that's on it till its sticky, and gooey again.  It can be washed off the bow as well.
(yes, this is my daughter a few hours old, this was the only way she could wear a bow)

Alright, its that time again.  If you've used this idea before, or try it for the first time, let us know how it works for you.

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