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February 7, 2010

Q Find It

With just killing some time on Saturday, I went to the local mall with my family. We usually spend more time in the toddler play area, but my son was ready to stroll around. I always enjoy The Children's Place, and they have a lot of sales going on right now.

I know Valentine's Day isn't even here, but retailers are already making think ahead to Easter, and summer. One reason why I enjoy The Children's Place so much is because they have a larger selection of boys clothes. I was never into all the girly stuff myself, since I grew up a Tomboy, but having my daughter has definitely changed that. I love that they have a larger color selection for little girls, and not limited to pink. Personally, my daughter looks her best in blue. She has very fair/pink skin, but striking blue eyes (got that from her daddy, I'm so jealous), so she blends in with pink, but stands out with blue.

Having said all that about pink, here is a sale specifically for Valentine's Day. I know that its almost upon us, love, however, is never out of style, and there's always planning ahead for next year. If you have your heart set on something else, something not currently on sale, well here's a coupon code for you. Get 15% off your entire order, and this coupon is good through the 14th of March. The code is M2AXQXYQ2A. Enjoy! I know I will.

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