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February 2, 2010

Q's Day - Tuesday

So Tuesday's will be "anything I feel like blogging about" day. I've decided that it might be nice for some introduction since you have taken your time to visit my blog, and I appreciate that.

My name is Lisl Quinn (hence the "Q"). My name comes from "The Sound of Music" which happens to be one of my favorite musicals. I'm 27, the youngest of 5, and have the reddest, darkest hair in my family; 100% natural. My sisters have joked that someday they will pin me down and give me tips, or highlights. Of course our mom warned them to never touch my hair. After all, she is the woman I inherited it from. Don't get me wrong, I'm not vain about it, in fact I hated all those years in grade school being made fun of for being so different and add that feature with my name, and the fact I wear glasses. I was a popular target way back when. However, the hair did come in handy when in a crowd, amusement park, etc.; you could always find me and anyone with me.

I grew up as an army brat, and got the privilege of living in a few different states, and even in Panama. I really couldn't tell you anything about Panama, except for 2 mental pictures. I do miss the east coast from my childhood, and hope to visit again someday. I currently live in Utah, though I will always profess that I'm from Arizona. My husband is from Arizona, born and raised in the same town, and that is where we met. We married in June 2004.

We have 2 beautiful children, who have been/are easy babies, and I mean easy. They are so easy to love; sometimes a little too easy to love. My son is 2 and though he's rarely in trouble to begin with, its so hard to be angry with him. He wins hearts every where we go, and it makes most outings take longer. My daughter is 8 months old, and we are thrilled for her that she has a tint of red to her hair. I've been afraid for her that she'd hear it all her life from family if she didn't inherit red hair. She's also my star, and model for my shop. Yep, that's a picture of her above. She's put our PaciFashions through her tests, and tortures.

It was actually my children who inspired me to begin PaciFashions. Franklin, my son, had a strap with a plastic clip. It didn't last long till it began breaking, and became useless. With Lisette, my daughter, I refused to use the same brand. Then with the one I did buy off the shelf, well I don't care much for fuchsia and it doesn't go with everything. I meant to only make a few for Lisette, but I had so much leftover ribbon I decided to see if others felt the same way I do. And that's all about me for now as well as how PaciFashions began.

If there is anything you'd like to know more about, or have information you'd like to see presented in my blog you can email me at for any and all requests. I promise not all "Q's Days" will be all about me, and am open to any ideas or suggestions.

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