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August 2, 2010

August means summers end

Seems I've been trying to play catch-up all summer.  To sum it up I'm cleaning out old pictures and updating a lot of my current PaciFashions with a new look.  Its also been cleaning up my computer.  I'm nearing my 200 sales goal which will mean another give-away when I reach it!  I'll also be having another sale this month.  I don't want to call it "Back-to-School" like so many stores out there, and since my products are meant for infants.  So I will be having an All Things Striped Sale. 

If you've been a fan of the Princess Jammies, don't worry, they aren't gone for good.  I've been wanting my store to only sell PaciFashions and a separate shop for those adorable PJammies. Prince Jammies will hopefully be on the inventory list.  There's also been a slight change to the Princess Jammies; there is now matching color lace to the color of the PJ's!

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