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August 11, 2010

200 strong, I could still use your help

I have reached my 200 sales year goal 2 months early.  This is very exciting and I am thrilled.  I will be doing another give-away.  This time I believe I should give away something more for little girls since my last give-away was a tie; that was more for the boys, its time to do something girlie.  I will very soon have that new give away going, hopefully by tomorrow so that I can announce the winner this weekend.

I could still use your help.  My husband and I are trying to come up with more ways, better ways, to get my name and product out there.  We hope to have a website for my store, and perhaps stop using etsy altogether; of course that's just a little further into the future.  Tell your friends about me, your sisters, mothers, daughters, co-workers.  I've found, living in a small (very small) town that the best advertising is by word of mouth; when there aren't billboards, radio and t.v. commercials doing it for you.  Some of you may say that the internet should be a huge source, but alas, not so when they don't know what they are searching for.  I will continue on my venture to make my store bigger and a better website.  But even when I reach that goal I will still hope people are talking about my products and spreading the word!  Thanks for your support!!

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