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September 20, 2011

Luv Fall Sale

My newest sale is 35% off your entire order.  Once you've filled your cart, go to checkout and use the code "PF35OFF" to receive your discount.  Tomorrow is the first day of Fall and I'm ready for it.  Are you? 

My newest collection in my shop is Octuplet sets!  If there are just so many designs you love, choose the Mix & Match Octuplet set and select them all!!  PaciFashions are so affordable because each strap is interchangeable so fewer clips are needed. 

You can even use a PaciFashion strap on a sippy cup by attaching it on the handle.  They are so handy on those long car trips (and even the short ones); no more having to pull over to find the binky after it's been launched.  Some mom's have told me that they keep a spare PaciFashion strap with a spare pacifier always attached to the car seat so they don't have to worry if they forgot one.

Share your pacifier mayhem stories here!!

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