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November 5, 2009

Following PaciFashions

My store at was the beginning of getting the name PaciFashion out to the public. Its a new product that's starting to pick up. The new favorite is the tie, getting more hits than all my other products. When my son was a baby I wished there was something like this out there for him.

This is him when he was 8 months old, I call this his Chris Farley impression.

Clip-on ties didn't work for him because he was so chubby, and wouldn't fit with his double chin. At this point we no longer had a pacifier strap because the clip had broken in two. With the PaciFashions Tie, you can clip it anywhere you see fit, and works for your baby.

Having begun this blog, I wanted to let you know that you can follow me on Etsy, Facebook and Twitter. Become a fan on Facebook, or follow me on Twitter, and you will always be notified when PaciFashions, or Q Luv It Designs, have a new product.

This week we are featuring Culottes. These are nightgowns for little girls made of a shimmery, silky type of material called Trico and trimmed with lace. All of these gowns are made by hand by Sheila Quinn. She puts time, and care into each gown so you know, and can see, these gowns are of high quality. You just might find your little girl wearing it often, and playing dress up with these. I know because when I was a little girl, I had a similar gown.

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