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November 14, 2009

Featuring my Nieces

Alright, so there have been new updates, and pictures. I want to give a shout out to my sisters, Heidi and Greta. They have been kind enough to let me feature their daughters in my store. Heidi took pictures of her daughter, Tanyth, to present PaciFasions using a Soothie pacifier. I wanted to make it known that my design of pacifier straps work with all types. See Tanyth showing off the pink leopard print PaciFashion.

She's a cutie! Ever since we posted her picture in our store, that particular set has been getting more attention, and orders. Thanks Heidi.

Greta let her daughters dress up in the culotte's, and allowed me to take pictures of them; Chloe and Paisey. They enjoyed wearing them, and were sad to take them off. They posed, danced, and were silly. What a bunch of fun girls! We've been getting more hits since these girls posed for us! Thank you Chloe, Paisey, and Greta!

Make sure you check out the Store to see all the different pictures and order your PaciFashion's and Culotte's.

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