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December 5, 2012

Relocated and back in business

I feel like it must have been the longest civilian move in history; I say "civilian" because I did in fact grow up as an Army brat while my dad served. My family and I have just completed our move to beautiful and seasonal Colorado.  I do feel the need to clarify something though.  PaciFashions are made by myself personally and are located in Colorado, but the ever so popular, and more so around this Holiday season, Princess Jammies and Night Gowns are still made in Arizona.  My oh so talented mother-in-law is the creator of the Jammies and is a pro at making them.  She has promised to teach me to make these since they are a family tradition passed down by her mother and she had 5 boys and no daughters. 

Seeing how my last blog entry was from a year ago I truly hope that I will make more time and more effort to keep this blog up to date.  I will also let you know if there are any sales or coupon codes to be aware of.  Thanks for all your support.

Lisl Q.

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